Finding Cornwall: All Directions Lead to The Farm

Bounty hunters lining up

Bounty Hunters: If we can find him so easily, so could you...

In Brief

  • If you decide to remain off the grid, don't try a Conrwall
  • But it would also seem that those claiming to seek him aren't really trying hard enough

Ciao, Non sto Cornwall! E io non sto in questa foresta… whatever that means. For those calling for the exact location of ‘The Redford Farm’ in order to serve your court papers of examining the legality of his firearms, we hope you are better at map reading than we are. Using Google Maps technology, we have decided to help, just a little bit. However, be be warned, if you fail to get him at Portion 37 of The Redford Farm 232, (The Crags), do not give up. Try Portions 35 and 45… Same owners.

Hiding in Plain sight: Charles Cornwall may have convinced those seeking him with court orders that he is gone, but he has found it so difficult maintaining the low profile.


They have been looking for him all over. The sheriffs of the courts have never been able to locate him… Several cases against him have ended with default judgments… His cellphone is not even registered in his name… Most creditors had long believed he was somewhere in Europe or Caribbean... With due fairness, how easy could it be tracking an individual with multiple dates of births in such a nature reserve? That was until he made a single mistake of claiming a daughter who isn’t his...

Catch him is you can...


You've been pinged: Too late to run

"Ain't here." That's a lie, be patient, he wouldn't resist venturing out for more victims


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