Lighting Paths Within Noises

investigative journalism isn’t dying

A truly deserving winner, Suzanne Venter with Justice Malala: Venter’s story on Esidimeni deaths of the mentally ill patients published by Rapport scooped the 2017 Taco Kuiper Awards.

In Brief

Trying to provide voices to the voiceless and to shine lights onto the society’s darkest corners.

The gathering, last Friday, March 24, in Johannesburg by breeds of selfless storytellers who risk it all to shine light onto those darkest corners of society is something to behold. 

Investigative journalists work under enormous difficulties. Most of the times without enough support from editorial managements.

Suzanne Venter’s story is one of such storytellers. Her award-winning piece never initially made it to the front pages of her paper, but she never gave up. She believed that the voices of the mentally-ill had to be heard. Most of them may have perished, but their voices shall live on.

uSpiked congratulates her and all other finalists.

The Awards ceremony was graced by Ben Bradlee Jr. of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team.

Bradlee Jr.’s speech

The Awards.