Preying On The Homeless

The evil in our midst

Mark van Zyl the victims the Facebooker was certain was going to be dead by the end of that night, at the Hospital during our numerous visits

In Brief

  • We have already established that Whitey was not killed by the hockey-stick-minibus taxi gang
  • Our team visits him numerous times and a free bond is created
  • We then confirm that he was not some homeless guy trying to survive in the streets, but that he was in deed a drug peddler whose main clients were the homeless
  • Still, we conclude that he should not have been beaten up especially for a mere R170 drug debt 

“The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak, the rich on the poor; I’ve given up hope that there is a God that will save us all. How am I supposed to believe that there’s a heaven and a hell when all I see now is hell.” Aaron Powel in Doomsday Diaries III: Luke The Protector

Days after Mark van Zyl a.k.a Whitey was fired by his fruits’ trading employer, we have reliably learnt that police officers with a sniffer dog descended on the stall located on a public pavement in Sea Point searching for drugs. We can also confirm that no illegal substances were found.

While cops could be praised for employing visible policing, several officers from Sea Point Police Station who separately talked to our team (in confidence) stated that this particular search was misdirected. One of the officers told us that their colleagues involved in that particular search all know the identity of the main dealer in the area. He dared us to speak with business owners located around Adelphis Centre and we would discover that a thickset individual called Quinton was the kingpin.

We took the dare and confirmed what the unhappy officers had told us. According to information we have since gathered, other than using such people as Whitey as runners, Quinton openly sells drugs in the area. He has reportedly been arrested several times only to reappear in the area soon after and continues his operations undisturbed.

A friendly Camera 94 on Main Road that knows to go dark when pusher Quinton interacts with his clients. Or could it be those monitoring the camera are the friendly ones?

Quinton, whom we have established once resided at The Centurion (an apartment complex along Frere Road, off M61  Main Road, Sea Point – just a few meters from Whitey’s assault crime scene), is known to transact his business in full view of all  and sundry. Ironically at the Intersection of Frere Road and Main Road is CCTV camera No 94 (probably attached to the Traffic Management Centre).

From information we have picked and pieced together, Camera 94, if it is working must definitely have recorded the activities of Quinton. His arrogance suggests possible connection to and protection by well-placed law enforcement agents. Unlike his main runner, Whitey, whom we have learnt dealt drugs further up Frere Road and away from Camera 94, Quinton is not bothered. We plan to request for access to the footage captured by Camera 94 in the coming weeks.

Another officer attached to Police Crime Intelligence Unit in Cape Town says he is appalled by Quinton’s impunity and the effect it has had on effective policing of the Sea Point streets. “It makes no sense arresting the homeless…,” another female officer attached to Sea Point Police Station told one of our team members, “…evil people like Quinton have hooked them (the homeless) into this habit and it’s not surprising that there are many reported petty crimes in Sea Point mostly perpetrated by homeless drug addicts.”

[Quinton’s main base is not far from Sea Point primary  and high schools. uSpiked advocates for protection of these youngsters. The likes of Quinton should not be allowed to corrupt the minds and lives of these future leaders.

This is now one of our on-going investigations, and we will endeavour to unearth why Quinton is untouchable. In the meantime, anybody with more information about those protecting this character can submit them to us through our submissions portal. We want pictures as well, please. – editor]