Thugs of Corner Offices

When we founded uSpiked, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task. We also knew that we would soon be up against some people who believe that their corner offices put them beyond reproach. They regard themselves as the pillars of every economy.

uSpiked however does not just rely on suspicions. It’s not a mere platform for those who can tell better narratives. It’s not about the best orators. It’s about the issues guys of corner offices are hiding. It’s about the man and woman in dire need that we sometimes refuse to acknowledge. It’s about giving everyone a voice without fear or favour.

It’s about giving voices to the dead, like the matter we have reported here that questions the arrogant decision by a group of bankers in the early 1990s to steal from deceased estates. We knew the risk we were taking in confronting the untouchables at their corner offices. Should we be afraid of such lowlifes? Because that is what they were and still are. Name for us a single banker worth taking home for dinner.

The unwritten norm in many cultures is to never speak ill of the dead. This is particularly highlighted in various African cultures and customs where ancestral reverence or the veneration of the dead is drummed into us at very early ages. It is therefore unimaginable that any entity indigenous to this continent would seek to fatten the pockets of its executives with proceeds taken from the dead.

When the investigation first started, we thought it was just a small matter and our first suspicion was that the bankers were going to overvalue the size of the estate to enhance the value of their administrative commissions. But we were wrong. The information we have encountered clearly justifies the schemes since employed by some of the perpetrators and their foot soldiers to ensure that the scam remained concealed.

Who are these people? Are they simply executives of the corner offices or thugs in designer suits? We don’t exactly know the level of collusion, racketeering and fraud that kept such a scheme hidden for nearly a quarter of a century. All we know is that, some people within the banking, legal and property sectors must have known what was being done to the dead and opted to remain mum.

When uSpiked was set up, we hoped against all odds to provide the much-needed voices to victims of atrocities. We are also cognizant of the fact that the worst form of suppression of free flow of information is never machinated by the states, but by big corporations.

Soon after the soft-launch of the platform, we noted with admiration, a tweet by Margarita (@widgetsz): “Looks good. Just wondering if you will discover your own filters/subconscious gate-keeping reflexes? ;-) Time will tell.” Margarita’s fears are not misplaced; that’s what our world has become. The key is to endeavor to be true to what we believe in. The moment we allow ourselves to be motivated by ‘wants’ as opposed to ‘needs,’ we will lose it all.

The big corporates - the top 1% - control almost everything that matters to humanity. They control everything including what would be considered as improper – they decide what is ethical and what isn’t. They control the best legal minds, educational and medical institutions, financial services and banking sectors, the Internet, and the media. They decide what information should reach those unworthy enough to sit with them at those deal-making dinners. They basically decide life for everyone.

So, what are the chances that they wouldn’t dictate what uSpiked disseminates? What if the condition for dissemination of information by uSpiked turned out to be determined by the kind and types of BankCards we hold? The kind of cars we drive? The kind of schools our kids go to? The kind of stores we shop at? The kind of webhosting providers we engage? The kind of books we read? The kind of water we drink? The kind of stories we cover?

Lets take corruption for instance. Why should we hastily condemn public officials suspected of corruption and not the big corporates that offer the bribes to win government contracts?

So yes, Margarita, only time will tell. We cannot do it alone. We need the involvement of everyone, even those who could possibly be implicated to play their parts. We would not be having this platform today if our friends didn’t steadily stick by us, encouraging us to keep moving forward. When our web-host, for some incomprehensible reasons took us down, our friends urged us on.

So many of you echoed our voices in social media and we were heard.

The Editor