Healthcare Hitmen Up Their Game

It is time to say ‘no’ to drug companies that continue to corrupt the way government delivers healthcare services

Thugs in Lab Coats

How have big pharmaceutical companies maintained ‘friendly’ appearances while in reality they are healthcare hitmen?

A Life Taken Too Soon: Our Tribute to Samoo Chetty

It is beyond belief that his killers could have been let free.

Dr. Pillay: The Health Official Who Cried Wolf

When the head of a beleaguered department charged with health regulations and compliance becomes the boy who cried wolf, then we must fearlessly check what kind of wolf is responsible.

Stop Politicking With Students’ Future

Funding for higher education is possible if the plunder of public resources is halted. Besides that, a special education levy could be placed on entities doing business with the state.

Minerals In Africa: A Curse Or An Excuse For Plunder

How is exploitation of Africa’s wealth on the ground shaping the development narratives of nations?

It’s Taxpayers' Billions

We should be very afraid when patients with chronic ailments leave government pharmacies without adequate medicines.

Ebola: Conspiracy to Kill

Conspiracy of silence... if they don't know, do not tell them and if they find out, deny.

Responsible Freedom: From Soup to Nuts of Social Media

While we should respect the rights enshrined in the 1948 UDHR, it would be pretentious to disregard all the other Articles in the Declaration and just single out Article 19, which directly gives us power and protection as journalists.

Banks, Bankers, Regulators and Your Money

They are in your face, ears and eyes. They control your life. They dictate what you can afford. They are your enslavers. Today, banks seem to control all the pieces on the chessboard that life has become.

The Deceptive Paper Rules

Challenged to find responses to our concerns in a UNHCR's 50-page Code of Conduct. We didn't complain, we just go reading. We found how worthless the Codes are... What good are rules that are never enforced?

Protected: When Executives’ Fraud Became Intellectual Property

Corporate executives are never fired for improprieties, instead they leave for personal reasons. Admissions would affect the stock prices. If this isn't insider trading then what would be?

Living In Denial

You wake up, scratch your head or try to pluck off your dreadlocks (if you have any), and wonder why you shouldn’t have an excuse for not getting out of that bed on a cold winter morning.

What is Wrong with People?

What is it… what is it that defines us? What is it that should unleash the humanness in us? And what is it that tears our society asunder? What is it that keeps us a sleep when our neighbours are adrift, ablaze, hungry and angry?

Thugs of Corner Offices

“There are hurdles, there are handicaps, hardships you have to face in life, but you hope for a great future.” Anil Kapoor