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uSpiked's main objective is to assess, curate and avail the information and records sourced in the name of the public to the rightful owners - the public.

Journalists across the world are free to upload their rejected stories. But, the stories would have to be of importance and interest to the public and pass uSpiked's credibility and authenticity tests.

The vetted and approved stories will first be offered, for a limited period, to other media houses to publish or broadcast. Upon the expiry of the embargo, regardless of whether the story shall have been used by the purchasing media house or not, it will be made available on the uSpiked’s platform for free access to the general public.

A percentage of the proceeds generated from any particular story will be remitted to the respective journalist to enable him or her to continue writing. The remaining portion will help to maintain the platform.

Freelance journalist

Due to budgetary constraints in most newsrooms around the world, many freelance journalists find it difficult to get buyers for their stories, and when they do get published, the pay is paltry. It must be appreciated that most investigations take weeks to complete, and therefore it does not make sense when journalists are paid as low as $0.20 (yes, twenty cents of a dollar) per published word.

Our freelance module is unique, and shall revolutionize how freelance journalists are handled. Other than be paid per wordage, freelancers shall be expected to provide own-valuation for their respective stories. These provided figures shall be compared and contrasted with our own assessment and if found to be comparative, we shall either accept the offer or adjust it upwards.


All uploads received will be thoroughly scrutinized. We have multiple layers of checks and balances and we venture into this with the guide that a source is only as reliable as his or her previously reliable piece of information. Having had your previous upload(s) pass our credibility and assessment test, won’t exempt your new upload from assessment. Any attempts to upload made-up stories shall lead to a life-ban from the platform.

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